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Galvan was founded in 1947 by a group of entrepreneurs from Cremona. The company started out in Bovisa, the then industrial centre of Milan, before moving to nearby Baranzate in the 1960s.

With one of the largest baths in Italy (length x width x depth: 15.4 x 1.8. x 2.8), Galvan can single dip structures over 15 metres long and double dip structures over 20 metres long.

Work, skill and attention to detail are central to the company’s strong heritage. It considers these values its true assets, and the basis for delivering great service. The company’s premises cover an area of over 22,000 m2, of which 7000 m2 are covered.

The name “Galvan” is derived from Luigi Galvani, who studied the interaction between two metals.

“To galvanize”:  A verb meaning to coat a metal with a protective layer of zinc.

Giambarini Group:
The future of tradition

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Galvan is part of a recently established group, which draws on the business synergy of six companies with shared values and long-standing experience. The group, which was founded as a result of the Giambarini family’s constant drive for innovation, strives to offer increasingly integrated and cutting-edge services.


Via Comonte, 6

24068 Seriate (BG)


Strada Valle Torta, 6

10020 Cambiano (TO)


Via G. Carducci, 13

24050 Cortenuova (BG)


Via Monte Misma 27

24050 Calcinate (BG)


Via Monte Misma, 25

24050 Calcinate (BG)


Via Rosmini, 19/21

20021 Baranzate (MI)